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SIGG X Moomin

The SIGG X Moomin collaboration combines two classics. In addition, the value worlds of the two are congruent. In the Moomin books, nature plays an important role, because the adventures take place in harmony with nature and the seasons. One SIGG replaces an innumerable number of plastic bottles during its life cycle, and in addition to its functional properties, it is an easy eco-deed in this day and age, when taking care of nature, both the Baltic Sea and the forests, for future adventures is so important to us.

Moomins are white, round goblins created by the Finnish-Swedish writer and artist Tove Jansson, who have adventures in Moomin Valley with their friends. The books and illustrations have charmed since 1945 and the Moomins have become classics of the fairy tale world.

Check out and fall in love with the SIGG x Moomin selection and the SIGG x Moomin #meidänmeri charity collection made for the Baltic Sea below.
  • SIGG X Moomin Bridge 0.6 L

    Original price 29,90 € - Original price 29,90 €
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    29,90 €
    29,90 € - 29,90 €
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    "You must go on a long journey before you can really find out how wonderful home is. " The first bottle series of the SIGG x Moo...

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