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True Utility

True Utility

True Utility designs and manufactures high quality pocket tools and
this is how the most well-known factors in the field are. The brand plans and implements the original ideas from start to finish, bringing them to the final result. True Utility was founded in 2000 by entrepreneur and product designer Lee Berman. Since then, True Utility has grown steadily, shipping products around the world and is now
one of the UK's largest designers and suppliers of pocket tools, utility items and LED flashlights.

Make it small, make it useful, make it work.

What makes a perfect pocket tool?

Our compact and durable pocket tools give you a range of options for any challenge you may face. Pocket and wallet-shaped tools make True Utilities everyday carry (Everyday Carry, EDC) essential for everyday chores. You can look for a small foldable pen, like our collection Telepen . The smart Cashstash ensures you never go without cash, ideal for light travelers such as cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts.

True Utilities' Multi-Tools are here to do the job, ideal for working men and women, engineers, DIY enthusiasts, bikers and outdoor enthusiasts, and more. Smartly designed for everyday carry, our small, pocket-sized multi-tools contain a selection of tools including Philips and flathead screwdrivers, spanners, bobbin winders, bottle openers, files, pliers, knives, saws and more.

Our goal is to offer a wide range of portable, lightweight products that not only fit in your pocket (or bag or backpack), but also fit your lifestyle, allowing you to do more with less - wherever you are.