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New and innovative in the world of lighting

NEBO is an innovative brand that specializes in flashlights, multi-tools and lighting. The company is known for its state-of-the-art LED technology and practical designs that meet the diverse needs of consumers. NEBO manufactures durable and user-friendly products that are suitable for outdoor activities, camping as well as everyday needs. The brand invests in performance, stylish design and versatile functionality to offer its customers reliable lighting solutions for different situations.



Vene and SLYDE, the test winner of Kippari magazine's powerful flashlights
KING 2K offers a 2,000 lumen flashlight and a 500 lumen work light and red light.

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NEBO POWER backup power supplies

NEBO POWER backup power supplies

Kick starter, compressor, emergency light and backup power source in the same package. The new NEBO Power series products have arrived!

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Focus on doing and exploring

Are you looking for versatile and reliable lamps for different situations? NEBO is a leading brand that offers innovative lighting solutions, whether it's a hand lamp , headlamp , searchlight or backup power source .

Hand lamps from NEBO - Practicality in a Small Package

Hand lamps from NEBO are the perfect choice for those who need light within reach. Our compact flashlights offer excellent light output and are easy to use. Whether you are camping, camping, working or need light at home, NEBO's Hand Lamps meet your needs.

Headlamps – Hands Free, Light Included

Headlamps are the ideal solution when you need both hands free. NEBO's Headlamps offer efficient light and an adjustable strap that ensures comfort and stability. Whether you are adventuring in the dark or need light for work, NEBO's Headlamps are a reliable choice.

Searchlights – Illuminate the Whole Environment

Searchlights ensure that the light reaches a wide area. The searchlights in NEBO's range offer a long range and efficient light, which makes them a perfect choice for outdoor activities, nighttime searches, boating or illuminating large areas, for example.

Backup Power Sources - Keep Your Electronics Running

NEBO's backup power supplies are convenient and compact, but still provide powerful power for your devices. Whether it's a phone, tablet or other electronic device, you can rely on NEBO's backup power supplies to keep your device running exactly when you need it.

NEBO lamps are designed to last and provide high-quality lighting in all conditions. Take a look at our selection and choose the right lamp for you - you choose quality, reliability and innovation. NEBO, lighting solutions that illuminate the way forward.