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For the welfare of the animal

We always try to take responsibility for animals and therefore trust the German worsted yarn manufacturer, Südwolle. As the world's leading manufacturer of worsted yarn, the company complies with the latest ecological certifications, including Bluesign and Oeko-Tex standards, which guarantee a sustainable textile industry. During the entire production chain - from the raw material used, processors, suppliers all the way to the final product - all processes are monitored.

Our merino wool is sourced exclusively from farms in Africa because we value mulesing-free wool. Mulesing is a common method in Australia and New Zealand where the skin around the tail is removed from animals without pain relief in a cruel way. The purpose of this is to prevent the infestation of the fly worms that are there.

For the welfare of the employees

It is important to us that both our production facilities and wool producers operate according to environmentally friendly and socially sustainable standards. That's why all our products are manufactured and processed in Pakistan in a company certified by the Oeko-Tex standard - a globally uniform, independent inspection and certification system for all Textile raw materials, intermediate and finished products and their accessories.

Certification helps companies in the textile industry to focus on human and ecological product safety based on scientific criteria and impartial laboratory tests.

Südwolle, the manufacturer of worsted yarn, also follows the principles of resource efficiency, consumer protection, waterways, air protection and occupational safety.

For the well-being of the environment

By sourcing merino wool from Africa, moving production from China to Pakistan and selling the products in Europe, we have succeeded in reducing our transport journeys and our carbon dioxide emissions.

In 2021, we solved the plastic packaging problem and switched to a certified biodegradable alternative made from corn starch, which meant a significant reduction in our footprint.

For product durability

We at super.natural have noticed that the polyester in our products makes the merino blend, compared to pure merino wool products, more durable, stable in shape and less prone to rotting. In addition, proper care is extremely important, because the more carefully the products are handled, the longer their durability. We can say: our mixed fiber is "easy to care for".