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A Swiss classic

SIGG has been manufacturing refillable, light and environmentally friendly drinking bottles since 1908.

The goal has been to offer a more ecological and healthier alternative to plastic drinking bottles in terms of the health of both our planet and people. Plus, SIGG has done this in style! The design of the bottle has become a design classic and designers around the world have created new patterns for SIGG bottles. All SIGG products are completely non-toxic, BPA-free, do not release anything and keep your drinks fresh for a long time. In addition to drinking bottles, the selection also includes thermos bottles and mugs as well as lunch boxes and food thermoses.



SIGG manufactures bottles in Switzerland with the goal of keeping its environmental impact as small as possible. Thanks to innovative solutions, it has been able to reduce its ecological footprint even further. Currently, SIGG uses more than 55 percent of renewable energy sources in the production of its bottles. The recycling rate of the small waste generated from production is 99 percent, and the water used to clean the bottles is collected in a closed system and recycled. Thanks to the longevity of its high-quality and reusable aluminum bottles, SIGG products have a significantly better carbon footprint than single-use PET bottles.

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We use a variety of materials to produce a wide range of water bottles in all sizes and shapes to meet individual customer needs. All the materials we use are harmless: we only have BPA-free water bottles in our selection.

Our aluminum water bottles have been classics for a long time. SIGG has been manufacturing high-quality aluminum products since 1908. Our water bottles were designed from the beginning to be able to carry a wide variety of beverages without leaking. This was even confirmed by Stiftung Warentest, who stated that the durable SIGG aluminum bottle was the best of the water bottles they tested, as it was the only one that remained completely sealed. Around the world, SIGG bottles are recognized as practical, reusable water bottles due to their exceptional properties. Our aluminum water bottles are reliable day after day and make all everyday situations easier.

After the success story of the original SIGG aluminum bottle, the company has expanded its product range to include quality bottles in glass, Tritan and polypropylene, still focusing on reusability and versatility.

Glass bottles have a long tradition. They offer a pleasant drinking experience and are completely recyclable. This means less new waste. It is a food-safe and hygienic material because it does not absorb odors, tastes or colors, and it is also free of harmful substances.

Stainless steel is recyclable and completely free of harmful substances. In addition, it is durable and not so prone to breaking, light, tasteless and odorless and machine washable up to 90°C. The advantage of stainless steel is that the drink is protected from light and does not spoil quickly.

Plastic Drinking Bottles made of polypropylene or Tritan plastic are, contrary to many expectations and like our other water bottles, BPA-free and recyclable. Polypropylene is a rigid and durable material, which makes it excellently suitable for the production of water bottles. Water bottles made of plastic are particularly popular because they are available in many different versions with many designs, they are light and their production is also cost-effective.