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Monikäyttöiset reput ja rinkat -

Multipurpose backpacks and rucksacks

Summer often brings different trips both to the nearby nature and a little further away. Usually, trips start already in the packing phase. For day trips, you need a little less change of clothes or snacks, while for trips over a weekend or even several weeks, the need is of course bigger. Together with the online store and our retailers, we strive to serve customers for all needs.
In our selection you will find a wide selection of Jack Wolfskin daypacks, which are very comfortable to carry on your back and are agile travel companions at the same time. In backpacks you will find many different pockets, big and small. Many backpacks also have their own pocket for your computer. Several Daypacks are also suitable for more active sports and outdoor activities. The back parts of the backpacks are made of breathable material and are pleasant to wear even in the heat of summer. 
If you are planning a longer hike or even if a trip abroad is a bigger bag, it is an excellent travel companion. You can easily pack several weeks' worth of change of clothes and the necessary equipment in the bag. In the chest, it is especially important to carry it securely. In the chests of Jack Wolfskin, you will find the X-TRANSITION carrying system, which supports the back and is easy to adjust to suit the wearer. All rings are also PFC-free, i.e. non-toxic. They also have a rain cover in case of rain.
Jack Wolfskin also offers technical and versatile cycling backpacks as well as commuting cyclists as well as longer cycling trips. Backpacks include e.g. Osram's led light, which brings safety to the rider. The ACS-TIGHT carrying system ties the backpack securely to the wearer's back and thus the backpack does not swing even at high speeds.
All Jack Wolfsk backpacks and backpacks are PFC-free!
You can find backpacks and rucksacks here.
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