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Fiskars Norden axes

Fiskars has launched the new Norden series wood-handled axes. As with other axes, Fiskars demands the best possible performance from Norden axes. The products have been thoroughly tested, so you can be sure that the blade will always stay in place and you can enjoy uncompromising performance, quality and durability. Norden axes are the first of their kind. Their high-quality hickory handle with FiberComp™ collar protects the handle from over-hits and makes it unbreakable. The wooden handle gives the axes a natural look and feel. The axes combine the perfect balance of the blade and the handle, the developed shape of the blade and extreme sharpness.

Norden axes have won the prestigious Best of the best award at the 2019 Red Dot design event thanks to their pioneering design. The hickory wood used in the axes comes from forests where forest management has been carried out in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner. The wood used in the products is FSC certified. Only the best materials have been used in the production of Norden axes and they are designed to last. This is why Norden axes have a 25-year warranty.

Norden axes are made in Finland and the collection includes an expedition axe, a builder's ax and a splitting axe.

  • Fiskars Norden splitting ax N12

    Original price 97,90 € - Original price 97,90 €
    Original price
    97,90 €
    97,90 € - 97,90 €
    Current price 97,90 €

    The Norden splitting ax N12 is made with respect to the Northern traditions of ax making. It is ideal for splitting logs with a diameter of 20 cm. ...

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  • Fiskars Norden builder's ax N10

    Original price 87,90 € - Original price 87,90 €
    Original price
    87,90 €
    87,90 € - 87,90 €
    Current price 87,90 €

    The Norden builder's ax N10 is made with respect to the Nordic ax-making traditions. It is perfect for chopping wood and making lighters and is id...

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