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gloryfy Unbreakable

gloryfy Unbreakable

Unbreakable sunglasses and glasses made of an innovative and patented special plastic called NBFX. Developed, designed and manufactured in Tyrol's Zillertal, Austria.

The Gloryfy selection includes stylish lifestyle sunglasses, sports glasses designed for demanding use, and prescription glasses. All, of course, with unbreakable top-level lens technology.

Unbreakable frames and lenses

Protects your eyes and is perfect for everyday use.

Light material

So light that you barely notice you're wearing them.

Inclinox technology

Individual slim frame adjustment in seconds.

Made in Austria

State-of-the-art eyewear manufacturing in Tyrol.

Contour technology

The best contrast in all lighting conditions.

High optical quality

Crystal clear view.


Innovative lens technology

Innovative lens technology

We offer you the perfect lenses for every weather condition. Our innovative NBFX lenses also offer high contrast and true color vision thanks to their coloring.



Our TRIPOL filter removes glare and reflected light from highly reflective surfaces. Despite their polarization, our premium lenses ensure easy reading of the latest digital displays.

  • Elimination of unpleasant or dazzling reflections
  • Sharper vision and excellent contrast in strong lighting
  • Great comfort in the sun
  • Dangerous glare is prevented
  • Perfect for sports and outdoor activities
  • Good visibility even in shady places

Without polarization

You can see the digital screens, but also the water reflections.

Polarized lenses

You can't see digital screens and reflections are reduced.

Gloryfy Tripol

The digital display is visible, the reflections in the water are significantly reduced.



No need to change your sunglasses anymore! gloryfy NBFX TRANSFORMER lenses guarantee a perfect adaptation to the tone in different lighting conditions, from light to dark. So you can get by with one pair of glasses in several situations.



Adjusting the fit of your saddles has never been easier!

The flexible special plastic NBFX combined with the gloryfy Inclinox technology enables precise adjustment of the handlebars according to the user's needs at any time. You can adjust the buckets YOURSELF at any time.

Gloryfy sports glasses

Are you looking for top performance sports glasses for different sports? Gloryfy sports glasses offer the perfect combination of durability, comfort and optimal performance in all conditions.

Gloryfy's innovative Inclinox technology makes the glasses just right for you. You can customize the fit of the glasses with your own hands, wherever you are. Whether you're cycling, running, playing ball games or doing water sports, these sports glasses will stay firmly in place and provide excellent visibility.

Thanks to the Contour technology, Gloryfy sports glasses guarantee the best contrast in all lighting conditions, which improves your performance and gives a clear view of the environment. Manufactured in a modern production facility in Austria, these glasses are designed to withstand heavy use and are perfect for an active lifestyle.

Whether mountain biking, running, golfing or snowboarding, Gloryfy sports glasses protect your eyes and improve your performance.

Gloryfy sunglasses for leisure time

Gloryfy lifestyle glasses are the perfect combination of style, comfort and top technology. Whether you're in the heart of the city or relaxing on a sunny terrace, these glasses bring more luxury to your daily life. Thanks to their stylish design, these glasses complement every outfit and give your style a personal touch.