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Responsible products

Products made from recycled materials, banning PFC compounds, renouncing the use of fur and angora wool - our responsibility goals encourage us to develop green and innovative materials. "We Live to Discover" means to us that we want to explore the world not only to discover it, but to do everything we can to preserve and protect it.

Responsible materials

Recycled materials

All recycled components are certified Global Recycled
According to the Standard (GRS). A significant milestone in recycled products is undoubtedly our Texapore-Ecosphere jacket, which is rainproof: not only the shell and lining, but also the highly technical, waterproof membrane is made of 100% recycled polyester.

100% organic cotton

We only use certified organic cotton in our products. Since 2013, all our products containing cotton or using materials mixed with it come from a 100% certified organic source. High standards apply to the cultivation of organic cotton: we strictly prohibit the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, as well as the genetic modification of seeds.

Down only from ethical sources where animal welfare is a priority

Animal welfare of ducks and geese - no skinning alive or force-feeding the animals. We do not accept down in our products that comes from the nature of an animal skinned alive or force-fed. The feathers and down used in our clothes come from sources certified by independent bodies.

Strict requirements for our leather suppliers

Strict requirements regarding harmful substances and an absolute ban on using leather for endangered species. Leather is only used in the production of our shoes. We only use leather that comes from natural by-products of the food industry and in no case from endangered species.

Merino wool only from animals whose well-being is taken care of

Mulesing is a definite no for us. We closely monitor where our merino wool comes from - we only accept wool where animal welfare is maintained. We absolutely condemn the cruel mulesing, which is a painful procedure performed on an animal's abdominal cavity to prevent insects from nesting. This procedure is still carried out in, for example, Australia.

For animal welfare and environmental protection


Our clothes and all our equipment are completely PFC-free. Our clothing collection and all backpacks and bags have been completely PFC-free, i.e. produced without the use of perfluorocarbons since the spring/summer collection 2019.

No furs

No Jack Wolfskin product contains real fur. We are against raising animals for fur collection. In addition, we oppose the use of fur for fashion reasons. Both of these violate our company's values ​​regarding animal protection. That's why all the "fur" used in our products is high-quality artificial fur, without exception.

No angora wool

Jack Wolfskin has never used angora wool. Animals are often kept in unethical conditions. We also cannot be sure that Angora rabbits will not suffer from de-wooling. This is why we have never used their wool in our products.

No nanotechnology

Jack Wolfskin does not accept the use of nanoparticles. They are minimal particles that endow textiles with special properties, such as water-repellent or antibacterial functions. Currently, no one knows how our bodies react to these particles and whether they pose health risks to us. Until we have convincing long-term studies on this, we will not use nanotechnology for safety reasons.

100% PVC-free products

We have banned the use of PVC in our products. Polyvinyl chloride plastic
(PVC)'s supposed advantage - its enormous durability - is also significant
disadvantage in terms of environmental damage. The material is almost indestructible.
Since 2012, we have not used PVC in our products.

Structure that protects against mosquito bites

100% mosquito repellent without chemicals. With the help of our mosquito protection technology, we have developed an innovative, particularly densely woven but breathable fabric that nothing can pierce through.

In accordance with European standards

The highest standards in our children's clothing

Our top priority in design: zero risk to children.
The European standard DIN EN 14682 has been in force since March 2005 for clothes intended for up to 14-year-olds. From the very first design, our designers and technicians pay special attention to the strict compliance with these requirements. High safety standards prohibit risks such as cords and drawstrings in the neck area.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our protective equipment complies with all standards. PPE is an abbreviation of "personal protective equipment", i.e. personal protective equipment that we carry with us or wear as part of our clothing. We also have these products in our selection - for example outdoor clothing with UV protection properties.

Long-lasting products

The highest quality and the right care

Our products stand the test of time - high quality protects the environment. A central part of our sustainable development concept is to manufacture versatile, high-quality products that are extremely durable. The longer our clothes retain their functionality and are usable, the better it is for the environment. As the product's life cycle is longer, the energy used in its production and the consumption of raw materials become more efficient.

Repair - not replacement

Our repair service can prevent the need to replace the product. A small tear in the back of your jacket?
That's not a reason to buy a new product. Our repair service in Germany and Austria can quickly repair minor damage, patch holes so they are waterproof again - ensuring that your great product is fully functional and like new again.