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Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility means long-term management in the company's core business and has a high priority in the company's overall strategy. Responsibility is a key factor for sustainable growth in the following business areas: markets, jobs, common interest, environment and supply chains. Social, environmental and commercial issues are given the same importance and stakeholders are integrated into the strategic focus of the company's corporate responsibility activities.

Many industries are not as obviously connected to nature as the outdoor industry. Corporate responsibility and sustainable development have therefore become increasingly important in recent years. High-quality materials and equipment, whose form and function must meet special, often very demanding usage requirements, must be durable and strong, and harmless to health and the environment. This does not only apply to the end products themselves; Their production should and must also take place in fair and environmentally friendly conditions.


The need for energy and saving are important questions in this era. Increasing energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energy are LOWA's unequivocal goals. Since 2015, a large part of the company's parking areas has been protected by a solar power system, and since 2018 this also applies to the roofs of Halls 1 and 2, which contain storage and production facilities. We are therefore able to cover approximately 25 percent of our annual electricity needs with solar electricity produced on site. We use 100% green hydropower to meet the remaining demand.

Company buses

LOWA provides company buses to all its offices or finances bus lines that bring employees to work and home. In Jetzendorf, seven small buses replace more than 50 individual vehicles by transporting employees to and from work, an important daily contribution to climate protection. In addition, charging stations have been installed at the Jetzendorf and Priel locations that visitors can use during the day.


Anyone who works in an office every day knows that a printout is not always necessary for efficient working. LOWA also tries to reduce its paper consumption as much as possible. Of course, working completely paperless is still not quite possible. For this reason, the company uses recycled paper for the necessary prints. The paper is certified with the "Blue Angel" eco-label in Germany and is made from 100% waste paper.


Environmental protection and saving natural resources are one thing. Actively supporting nature conservation projects is another. Since 2001, LOWA employees have been part of a reforestation project led by the Bavarian State Forest Service and therefore regularly plant saplings in Bavarian mountain forests and slopes. This is designed to maintain a healthy mixed forest, one of our most valuable ecosystems. LOWA pays for seedlings, travel, accommodation and meals.

This reforestation effort is part of the 2 Million Tree project of the European Outdoor Conservation Association - a non-profit organization made up of European outdoor companies whose membership fees go entirely to nature conservation projects around the world. This work is designed to highlight the outdoor industry's awareness of its responsibility to protect nature. LOWA plants around 500 trees every year.

As a member of the organization, LOWA supports EOCA's global nature conservation projects.

EOCA's vision is that the European outdoor sector contributes significantly to the preservation of wild areas and ecosystems for future generations.

Valuable nature conservation projects are supported with funding from the European outdoor sector. The non-profit organization directly finances these nature conservation projects and wants to show that the European outdoor industry is aware of its responsibility in nature conservation.

The nature conservation committees set up by the organization's members can apply for grants of up to 30,000 euros for one project, which is a significant contribution to nature conservation projects. Examples of the selected projects are the creation of an environmental route in Nepal, a waste treatment project on a mountain top in Kyrgyzstan, the protection of brown bears in northern Spain, the replanting of original old-growth forest in the Czech Republic, the creation of a cross-border hiking trail in Macedonia and Albania, the protection of peat bogs in Ireland and the prevention of deforestation of an ancient forest in Sweden.

One hundred percent of membership fees go directly to projects that the members themselves name and choose.



LOWA supports the nature conservation organization "World Wide Fund for Nature" (WWF) in its projects protecting endangered species by selling the LOWINGO soft toy. Nature conservation, habitat protection and the protection of wild species and wild plants are the core projects of one of the world's largest conservation organizations. WWF has been involved in nature conservation for more than 50 years and currently operates in more than 100 countries. In total, this conservation organization currently has 1,300 biodiversity conservation projects underway. WWF's goal is to stop the global destruction of nature and the environment and to create a future where people and nature can live harmoniously together.


To convey the fun and enjoyment of nature to parents and children, LOWA publishes an "Adventure Handbook" featuring children's mascot LO & WO. This biannual magazine is listed in the German National Library and has enjoyed great popularity among younger readers. Each issue has a great story for kids and adults, lots to read, and tips and tricks for arts, crafts, and cooking. Children playfully get to know animals, plants and the environment itself.

Peregrine falcon LOWINGO joins the adventures of siblings LO & WA. The three friends met each other in the first issue of the Adventure Handbook. LOWINGO was stuck in a plastic bag and couldn't get free. LO & WA rescued a trapped bird of prey and were rewarded with a flute as a thank you. Thanks to the flute, the siblings become as small as a mouse. Once they're shrunk, they hop on LOWINGO and fly off to their next adventure—journeys that have already taken them to many regions and countries around the world. An audio version of this is now also available.