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SIGG Miracle Buttefly 0.4 L

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SIGG novelty for children, durable aluminum Miracle bottle with butterfly patterns
This very light aluminum baby bottle is completely non-toxic, BPA-free and EA-free. The bottle is of course also safe, shockproof and easy to use. The elastic and multi-layer inner surface EcoCare® withstands heavy stress and bends with bumps. In addition to this, the inner surface is completely taste and odor neutral. You can put juices or citrus products in the bottle, after washing there is no smell, no flavors and the water always tastes as fresh as it should. To make drinking easier, we have added an easy-to-use straw to the bottle and a protective cover, so that dirt cannot reach the mouthpiece. Of course, you can also use the bottle without the whistle. The lid opens easily by pressing a button.

• BPA Free
• Food Safe / Safe for foodstuffs
• Made in Switzerland, at the SIGG factory in Frauenfeld
• Very light
• 100% leak-proof
• 100% recyclable at the end of its life cycle
• Designed in Switzerland
• Easy to clean
• Tolerates carbonated drinks
• Recycled material



• Size 0.4 L
• Diameter 6.6 cm
• Height 18 cm
• Weight 130 g


• Recycled aluminum (PCR)
PCR stands for Post Consumer Recycling. When the use of the product has ended, the material from which it is made is recycled and utilized in the production of new goods. The PCR aluminum used at SIGG's Frauenfeld plant is reprocessed aluminum made from recycled high-voltage wires, printed circuit boards, etc. The aluminum comes from Europe and is known for its longevity and quality retention during use and the recycling process.

Most importantly - after many years of use, the bottle made of PCR aluminum can be recycled again!

• ECOCARE® - Coating
The coating on the inner surface of aluminum bottles, called EcoCare® – liner, is a co-polyester – derivative that is completely BPA, phthalate, BADGE, BFDGE and NOGE – free. The same type of material is TRITAN® co-polyester, which, for example, SIGG VIVA plastic bottles are made of. The material used in the production of the coating has been slightly changed so that it can be applied as a thin powder to the inner surface and burned in the oven attached to the bottle. This ensures that the coating bends with bumps and remains elastic and protective and the entire bottle as light as possible.

The coating itself does not collect any tastes and odors, which is a big problem with plastic bottles. The EcoCare® coating also withstands citrus juices and carbonated products.

The Eco-Care® coating used by SIGG has been approved by all the necessary authorities that monitor the food industry around the world, and SIGG strictly complies with EU directives and the regulations of the US FDA and the German Food Agency LFGB.

• Washing
Aluminum Drink Bottles should be washed by hand. The bottle itself can withstand machine washing, but the so-called Detergent residues may remain behind the "neck" due to the shape of the bottle. In addition, the mechanical stress of machine washing can dim the illustration printed on the bottle. Normal hand dishwashing detergents are used for hand washing, but SIGG has its own cleaning tablets for tough situations and a dish brush suitable for the bottle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Juha V.
Hyvä eka pullo

Hyvin opittu käyttämään varsinkin ilman pilliä ja muksu saa hyvän otteen törpästä. Yks tähti lähti vain kun ei siedä konepesua, eikä kuumaa tai kylmää nestettä.

Great bottle for toddler

I am super happy with this bottle! Doesn’t leak at all, easy to open (my 2yo can do it easily herself), it’s lightweight and as it’s metal, it’s safe to use even if the water has been standing for a bit.n

Tiina V.
Toimiva pullo

1,5-vuotiaamme oppi heti avaamaan ja juomaan pullosta. Tosi kevyt ja hyvä koko pienelle lapselle.

Kaunis juomapullo lapselle

Kaunis ja helppokäyttöinen juomapullo lapselle retkille ja harrastuksiin.

Laadukas pullo lapselle

Pullo tuntuu laadukkaalta ja hyvältä. 1,5v lapsi oppi nopeasti itse avaamaan pullon nappia painamalla ja pillistä juominen on helppoa. Hyvä että silikoniosia saa varaosana jos rikkoutuu tai pitää muuten vaihtaa. Hieman ärsyttävää eri osien pesu ja puhdistus, mutta sama ongelma kaikissa vuotamattomissa pillipulloissa.