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Kerrospukeutuminen pähkinänkuoressa -

Layering in a nutshell

Dressing in layers is an effective way to protect yourself from different weather conditions. Dressing consists of several different layers, which can be combined according to the weather and need. The most important thing when dressing in layers is to choose the right kind of clothes for different layers in order to achieve optimal temperature and comfort.

The first layer is underwear that is close to the skin. This layer is important because it moves sweat away from the skin and keeps the body warm. Underwear should be chosen from warm and breathable materials, such as merino wool or polyester.

The second layer is an intermediate layer that provides additional warmth and keeps the body warm. This layer can be, for example, a fleece or sweater.

The third layer is outerwear that protects against external weather conditions. This layer should be chosen from a wind and waterproof material, such as Jack Wolfskin's jackets with Texapore membrane.

In addition, it is good to take care of accessories, such as gloves, a beanie and a scarf. These accessories help keep different parts of the body warm and protected from the weather.

In summary, layering is an effective way to protect yourself from the weather. It consists of several different layers, which should be chosen from the right materials and taken care of for their fit and comfort.

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