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Jenni Kanerva - Purjehdus Karibialla osa 1 -

Jenni Kanerva - Sailing in the Caribbean part 1

A new series is starting on Bonge's blog, where Bonge's ambassadors work with the pen and tell stories about various topics from around the world. The first turn goes to Jenni Kanerva, who realized her dream of sailing in the Caribbean. Enjoyable reading moments!

Sailing in the Caribbean part 1


Enthusiastic about sailing, crossing the Atlantic has been on my mind for a long time, but I admit, a little fear weighs on my mind. Fortunately, there are other options available to test your skills in real action on waves bigger than the Baltic Sea. Schooner Helena and the Leeward Archipelago of the Caribbean, here I come!

On a 14-person sailing, the grand old man of sea captains sails with us, whose sailor stories, old paper maps, knot-tying skills and harmonica playing bring their very own atmosphere to the trip. I decide to keep a logbook and park on the side of Kapu in the mornings to write. He is particularly interested in my equipment, which I have packed for the trip. They seem to be a degree more modern and practical than his own. He asks to borrow my NEBO headlamp for his night shift. I am honored.

Well, what should such a novice learn from a captain who has sailed the world's seas. Oh boys, in addition to playing the harmonica, there is much, much more.

Log book

The trip became even more interesting and meaningful when I started keeping a log book: recording places and dates and following daily routes on the map.

Asshole feeling

You can only get that by surfing. Once you have the basics, you should focus on honing your skills, of which knot making is by no means the least important. The figure eight, the pig's hoof and the pole knot, with which e.g. the scoots or ropes are attached to the sails, are mastered, but there are plenty of new things to learn.


Work is done on board in shifts around the clock. On sea duty, it's worth learning more from sailors and making the most of deck work. You should rest on your free time. Sailors take naps, I'm too excited to sleep during the day.

T. Jenni Kanerva

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