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Fix instead of discard

One key environmental aspect of the products is their durability. This also applies to our LOWA footwear, all of which are known for their high quality and durability. Also, many of these shoes can be repaired in one way or another. By doing this, we actively participate in the protection of natural resources and the environment.

In today's waste society, we replace many things too quickly. We often forget that some things can actually be fixed. It's an opportunity that saves money compared to buying new, saves resources and protects the environment.

Our shoe repair shops located at our headquarters in Jetzendorf in Germany, Interlaken in Switzerland and St. Martin in Austria are in heavy use.

We repaired 16,079 shoes in Jetzendorf alone in 2019. That's a record! We had never repaired our shoes so much before.

"With our repair service, we meet the wishes of more and more customers for durable and therefore responsible products."
— Arthur | LOWA Manager Service Department

In Finland, we have also started cooperation with Suutarimestari Ville , and they are able to repair almost all LOWA models. Read more below.

How does the Service and warranty work?

The first point of contact for all warranty repairs is your LOWA dealer. Thanks to their expertise, your retailer is best able to assess what measures you need to take or whether your shoes should be sent for repair or a complaint. If it's a warranty claim, take the footwear to a retailer or send it back if purchased online. Always include a copy of the receipt and a short letter describing the problem with the shoes. The dealer will then take care of the claim to the end.

Your shoes are no longer covered by the warranty or you want to repair them?
We will be happy to help you! Contact our customer service or directly to Suutarimestari Ville.



Good shoes last a very long time if well taken care of, and they become perfect for the feet in use. However, at some point the outer sole of the shoe wears out and it would be a shame to abandon that perfect travel companion at that point. Fortunately, most LOWA hiking shoes can be resoled. In this way, you and your credit partner will again get more common kilometers.

Re-soling is possible for all our footwear, where the sole is so-called "cemented", i.e. for footwear from the MOUNTAINEERING and TREKKING lines. In this type of shoe model, the upper is pressed around the last and glued under high pressure to the bottom of the insole and the cleats. The midsole and outsole are then glued into the solid unit thus formed. Cemented footwear is very durable and stable. This type of footwear can be soled, because the sole and upper are attached to each other by gluing to the sole, and there is no actual casting or injection on top of the leather.

The worn sole is completely sanded off and the new sole is glued to the upper. This process significantly extends the life of the footwear, contributing significantly to durability. However, we cannot guarantee the subsequent waterproof properties of the shoes for models equipped with a GORE-TEX membrane.

From the link below, you can check if your shoes can be resoled!

We have found a partner in Finland for the insoles of LOWA shoes and we can deliver the repaired shoes in approx. 2-3 weeks. The shoes are based on official Vibram soles and you get your shoes back even better. LOWA shoes are resoled so that the shoes are sent directly to Suutarimestari Ville in Helsinki Viikki, where they are resoled and sent directly back to you. The price of re-soling is €129.90, which also includes all delivery fees from the customer to Suutarimestari Ville and back. You can also order the service directly from Ville.

After ordering, you will receive operating instructions and all materials related to shipments and forms by e-mail. Print these for yourself, fill them out and send the shoes to us with the included postal return code and we'll take care of the rest. With this action, you will get many more kilometers for your credit shoes.

Here are the operating instructions and you can order the foundation directly from the product below.


Remove the insole and laces from the cleaned and dry footwear.


Pack the shoes in a box. Attach a short letter to the box, in which you briefly explain what repairs should be made to your shoes. Remember to include your address and phone number.


Send the package as a Posti customer return:
Shoemaker Ville


Now you have to be patient. The repaired shoes will be sent back to your home within about 2-3 weeks.