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Uuden sukupolven älykkäät valaisimet antavat sinun keskittyä olennaiseen -

The new generation of smart lights let you focus on what's essential

Multipurpose and smart lamps, lanterns and lamps make outdoor activities meaningful and safe

The surrounding darkness outside does not prevent outdoor activities when the right lamps, lamps, flashlights, work lights, headlamps and lanterns are used. A good lamp contains many functions that increase safety and ease of use. NEBO is the lightest family of the new age, whose products have a high light value, many of them have a rechargeable battery and a USB-powered backup power source that outputs power, from which you can conveniently charge a mobile phone. Outdoor enthusiasts should always have a flashlight with them, and many people choose a headlamp , which frees up their hands and is the best solution for going faster both on city streets and on trails.
Knog specializes in headlamps that stay put when trail running, jogging or climbing. They are also helmet compatible. You can easily adjust the light selection of Knog headlamps to suit your own use and preferences.
The purpose of use is decisive when choosing a lamp
For an outdoorsman, it is of primary importance to see the shapes of the terrain, to see if necessary, and camping is significantly more atmospheric with a lamp whose light tone and intensity can be adjusted. The atmosphere of the person staying in the tent is enhanced by an adjustable and light lamp that can be attached to the roof of the tent or a lantern whose light can be adjusted to an atmospheric temperature or to resemble a candle flame.
A smart lamp that can be used to charge other devices is also a safety factor when moving in nature. For many people, it is necessary to have their hands free from holding the light, in which case headlamps are the right choice.
Knog headlamp for outdoor activities and running
For a cyclist, the priority is to be seen in traffic. Today, spotlights can be attached to clothing or a bicycle, which enables the clever use of small lights. If you are cycling off-road or on roads, it would be good to have an efficient small flashlight or work light in your bike bag, if you have to repair your bike in the dark.
Knog spotlights
Lamps are not just for adults. For slightly older children, light fikkaris and headlamps are also a great atmosphere bringer to yard games and they also keep children visible in the dark. Rechargeable spotlights that can be attached to outerwear are convenient and increase safety.
On the other hand, it would be good to always have one larger hand lamp with a large Lumen value and far-reaching and zoomable light in the cabin. Also, decent, efficient work lights that magnetically attach to metal are handy for small repairs in the cabin. Self-standing work lights no longer have to be heavy and large, but NEBO's selection includes light and really efficient work lights that can easily be carried with you and do not need a cord.
Nebo Slyde king 2K lamp
It demands a lot from the lamp
NEBO lighting represents new and innovative thinking in the world of lighting. The American brand is relatively young and has just arrived to light up Europe and is rapidly taking over the market with inventive and high-quality lighting . In addition to safety and lighting, NEBO flashlights, lanterns and headlamps have many insightful additional features that give their user added value. Darkness does not limit your outdoor activities, and with the right lighting, you can enjoy the dark season to the fullest and set the mood.
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